Ionic Facial Steamer

Bring the spa into your home with the Plum Beauty Ionic Facial Steamer. Watch your skin obtain a natural, healthy glow in a matter of minutes.


  • Opens up pores allowing for deep cleansing
  • Can be used daily to hydrate and detoxify skin
  • Promotes a radiant and refreshed complexion
  • Allows for better absorption of skincare products

How to Use
Thoroughly cleanse face removing all makeup and skincare products. Open the lid on the back of the steamer, fill reservoir with water, and close lid. Turn the device on and place your face about 5 inches away from the steam dispenser. Steam for six minutes. When finished, discard excess water and unplug. More detailed instructions inside.

Ensure sure the power socket is safe for use, if the socket itself is dirty/damaged/wet/overloaded, it can cause the metal of the plug to react which impacts the device and/or surroundings. Also, do not over bend or excessively bend the wire of the product, it can cause it to fray and weaken over time.

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