Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

Pamper your skin with an at-home facial. Remove deep-seated dirt and impurities with the Plum Beauty Ultrasonic Facial Spatula. Ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin allowing for deeper exfoliation and ultimate rejuvenation.


  • Ultrasonic waves penetrate skin for deep exfoliation
  • 2 modes for an at-home spa cleansing experience
  • Extract Mode: Removes blackheads, dirt, and oil
  • Infuse Mode: Uses gentle vibrations to help infuse skincare products
  • Cordless operation – rechargeable with USB cable (included)

How to Use
Gently glide the edge of the spatula along the surface of wet skin in an upward direction. Watch as debris from pores builds up on the spatula, and then wipe clean. Detailed instructions included inside.

How to Clean
Wipe down the metal end with a damp or dry cloth. Do not wash with water. Store in a cool dry place.

Model 8228pt

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